10 Tips From Conor McGregor To Succeed

Irish wrestler Conor McGregor is synonymous with success. 

The UFC star has become a media personality, not only for triumphs within the octagon, but for the challenging statements he makes at event conferences and interviews.

1. Be grateful: “Gratitude is one of the strongest ways to attract good things, if you are thankful even with the smallest things, then you can celebrate the great things”

2. Train and pursue your dreams: “When I left school, a lot of people questioned what they were doing, they did not know what MMA was and that they could make a race with it. I focused on training and I knew where I was going I showed that they were wrong and I was right “

3. Express what you feel in each moment: “If you see it in your mind and you have the courage to say it, it will happen.Many people believe in many things, but they do not manifest it, they have it.If you are verbal with it, You are creating that law of attraction and that will come true “

4. Look at your heroes: “Muhammad Ali was someone who did something never done before, changed his face to the world, fought for his ideals and was a legend.I admired him as a hero.When I was 11 I had a fight , I dodged a blow and thought of Ali “

5. Pure cholism: “I do not like to think about the future or long-term goals, I feel that I live every day, I move on, every day as I come. I can know what will happen in the near future”

6. Enjoy with your fans: “Every day I drive to the gym and I see flags of Ireland and people greeting me.” One day I went to greet one of them at his apartment.I appreciate the support of all the fans, I use it as a motivation “

7. Open mind: “People think things should be done in a way, but with John Kavanagh (coach) it was not like that, I had an open mind and I was trying new things. There is always a time and place for everything”

8. Love what you do: “Fighting is in my head 24/7, I do not think about anything else.Everything I do in my life is related to the struggle.I see myself healthy, for me something that is not healthy is to wake everyone The days to do the same from 9 to 5, that defeats your mind, I love what I do and that’s why it has become a career “

9. Look for the top: “I do not usually look back, I continue straight to the top”

10. Inspire others: “No one works harder than I do in and out of the octagon. Many people will see me and bring out something positive, inspiration, people who do it will rise and can experience this life.”

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